Layers of Security: Protecting Your Commercial Property

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A lot goes into successfully maintaining a commercial property, whether you’re a business owner leasing a space, a property manager, facilities manager, or commercial property owner. Not only do you invest money, but you also invest a lot of time and effort into your property. With this in mind, the …

3M Window Film: Comprehensive Solution, Easy Installation

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Investing in window film is a decision that will benefit you and your space in more ways than one. Whether you want to increase security, improve energy efficiency, or enhance interiors, there are a multitude of window film solutions available. One of the most notable benefits of window film that …

3M Security Film: A Good Solution to Maximize the Security of Your Space

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Windows are highly valued because they allow natural light to flow freely into your space and showcase outdoor views. Unfortunately, windows are also one of the most vulnerable areas of the building envelope, making your space susceptible to break-ins and damage from inclement weather. While one could simply limit the …

School Safety Grants Fund 3M Window Film for Enhanced Security

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School is a place where both students and faculty members should feel safe and comfortable so they can focus on what matters most: education. However, over the past decade, violence in schools is something that we hear about far too often. In fact, in the last ten years, there have …

Update Your Space Without Blowing Your Budget with 3M Window Films & Architectural Finishes

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how to update your space without blowing your budget

As time passes, both the interior and exterior of your space need upgrading. Whether your building needs aesthetic design enhancements or infrastructure upgrades, as a property manager, you understand the importance of your space’s appearance and functionality. 

When we think of updating a space, there is often an assumption that renovating …

3 Reasons Your Building Needs Distraction Markers

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The environment in which we work can drastically impact our level of productivity. With this in mind, architects and interior designers aim to create an office setting in which employees can perform to the best of their ability. Open floor plans and expansive windows make for a sleek, modern office …

3M Window Film: The Clear Choice

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The ideal atmosphere for homes and offices often includes expansive windows offering natural light and sweeping views of surroundings. However, spaces that boast these impressive architectural features likely experience uncomfortable temperatures, high energy bills, and faded furnishings and floorings. As a result, home and business owners often turn to window …

3 Ways to Attract New Tenants

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As a property manager, it’s likely that one thought lingers in the back of your mind: “How will I not only keep current tenants happy, but also attract new ones?” 

Even if current tenants are delighted with their space, the inevitable ebb and flow of occupants means that there is almost …