3M Window Film: Comprehensive Solution, Easy Installation

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Investing in window film is a decision that will benefit you and your space in more ways than one. Whether you want to increase security, improve energy efficiency, or enhance interiors, there are a multitude of window film solutions available. One of the most notable benefits of window film that …

How Window Film Earns LEED Credits & Increases the Energy Star Score of Your Building

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As a property manager, you likely recognize that your building’s energy efficiency is equally as important to you as it is to your tenants. While we focus globally on improving energy efficiency to help the environment, other important factors drive the desire to be energy efficient in our buildings. Investing …

Update Your Space Without Blowing Your Budget with 3M Window Films & Architectural Finishes

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As time passes, both the interior and exterior of your space need upgrading. Whether your building needs aesthetic design enhancements or infrastructure upgrades, as a property manager, you understand the importance of your space’s appearance and functionality. 

When we think of updating a space, there is often an assumption that renovating …

Window Film or Window Treatments? Here’s What You Need to Know

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As an interior designer, you recognize that windows are highly valued in architecture for several reasons. Offering expansive outdoor views and natural lighting, windows are defining features of homes and commercial spaces. However, there comes a time when privacy and respite from the sun are needed. As a result, many …

3M Window Film: The Clear Choice

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The ideal atmosphere for homes and offices often includes expansive windows offering natural light and sweeping views of surroundings. However, spaces that boast these impressive architectural features likely experience uncomfortable temperatures, high energy bills, and faded furnishings and floorings. As a result, home and business owners often turn to window …